About Freediving Ibiza

The silent part of the island

FREEDIVING IBIZA isn’t just a freediving school – it’s your portal to the silent part of the magic island, offering an unique opportunity to explore yourself and the crystal-clear waters of Ibiza like never before.

We invite you to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life as well as the crazy party side of the island and to immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and discovery beneath the surface.

Our mission is to share the joy and freedom of freediving by empowering our students to explore their inner depths and strengths below the surface. We strive to create meaningful, holistic experiences for our students, by providing the best freediving courses possible, with expert instruction, a strong emphasis on safety, and a deep respect for marine life and sustainability.

With its warm Mediterranean climate, excellent underwater visibility, and abundance of hidden caves and swim-throughs, Ibiza provides a perfect playground for freedivers of all levels.

Whether you’re a beginner eager to take your first dip into the underwater world or an experienced diver looking to refine your skills and expand your limits – come dive with us and discover the magic of freediving in Ibiza!

Your Freediving Instructor

Anna Thüring

Hi, I am Anna 

I was born and raised in Germany, but Ibiza has always been my happy place. Growing up my family used to spend every vacation on this magical Island, and I was playing countless hours in the sea, pretending to be a little mermaid.

My favorite game was holding my breath and dive as deep as possible to bring up sand and prove that I have reached the bottom – I basically already was a (quite competitve) freediver.

After finishing high school, I studied marketing and communication. During the pandemic I found myself stuck in a career I didn’t like in cold Germany and started to reflect about what I really want from life.

I finally made the decision to follow my heart and move to Ibiza, where I had my first freediving session and I’ll never forget that feeling: It was calming but exciting at the same time, I couldn’t stop smiling and I immediately knew I found my passion.

Freediving combines everything I love: the ocean, breathe work, conscious movement, meditation – and challenge. 

Freediving changed my life in so many ways, it teached me that we all are capable of so much more than we believe.

I spent the last years training as much as possible and studying everything about Freediving and I am beyond excited to share this beautiful practice with you. 🩵 

Qualifications: AIDA Freediving Instructor / Yoga Teacher (200hr RYT) / PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Languages: German, English, Spanish


freediving ibiza

Our Values

freediving ibiza

Safety First


Safety is our highest priority. We teach rescue skills from the start and make sure our student always feel safe and progress in a controlled way.

freediving ibiza

Protect the Underwater World


We love and respect the underwater world. We aim to leave it in a better way than we found it, always colleting trash we find during our sessions.

freediving ibiza

Holistic Experience


We teach freediving in a holistic way – fostering the powerful connection between mind, body and nature to take you on a journey of self-discovery.

Experience the magic of freediving in Ibiza!

Start your freediving journey, or take your skills to the next level with us.
Discover the silent part of the island with Freediving Ibiza.