Beginner Freediving Course in Ibiza

3 Days Course

Become a certified freediver with Freediving Ibiza.
Learn the essential skills and theory to safely dive deeper than you’ve ever imagined!


3 Days Course


Up to 20 Meters


Min. 16 Years

Max. 4 Students

Start your freediving journey with our comprehensive beginners course

We’ll equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to explore the underwater world with confidence.

Upon completion, you’ll earn the worldwide recognized AIDA 2 freedive certification, opening doors to endless underwater adventures.

Join us and dive into the mesmerizing world of freediving in Ibiza!

freediving ibiza

What you will learn…

  • Master the art of relaxation, breathing and breath-holding
  • Develop proper technique to equalize your ears effectively
  • Gain insights into physiology, depth, pressure and freediving techniques
  • Freediving safety and rescue skills
  • Dive confidently up to 20 meters!

After successful completion of the course
you will be able to…

  • Hold your breath for at least 2 minutes
  • Freedive at least 12 meters deep
  • Swim 40 meters distance underwater
  • Call yourself a certified freediver! 

Beginner Freediving Course

Z3 Theory Sessions
Z2 Pool Sessions
Z3 Open Water Sessions
ZEqualisation Workshop
ZBreathing Workshop
ZCourse Manual
ZDive Insurance
ZFinal Exam
ZAIDA 2 Certificate

Special Pre Season Offer!

Full freediving equipment can be rented for 29€ p.p

Course Structure

The course is divided over three days.

Day 1 and 2 are consecutive days, and day 3 will be a few days later.

This gives you enough time to process and digest what you have learned and prepare for the final theory exam.

freediving ibiza
Day 1
10:00 Introduction
10.30 Equalisation & Breathing Workshop
11.30 Theory (Disciplines & Equipiment)
12:30 Pool Session (Relaxation & Static Breathhold)
14:00 Break
15:00 Open Water Freediving Session 1
17:00 Debriefing


Day 2
10:00 Pool session
12.30 Theory (Physiology, Safety & Technique)
14:00 Break
14:00 Open water session
16:00 Debriefing


Day 3
10:00 Open water freediving session
12:00 Final theory & option to ask all your questions 
13:00 Final exam


*Course structure may vary

Who can join the beginer freediving course?

Everyone above 18 years who is interested in freediving.
(16 & 17 with parental agreement)

To start the course, you should able to swim at least 100 meters non-stop comfortably and be in good health. 

Where will the beginner freediving course take place?

Ibiza offers amazing freediving locations, and because it is an island, we are lucky to be able to choose the most optimal locations depending on the wind, waves and weather conditions. With 300 days of sunshine, we will almost always find a perfect freediving spot.

The locations will be communicated close to the dates of the course.

What skills are required to become a certified AIDA 2 Freediver?

There are a few skills required to become an AIDA 2 certified Freediver – but don’t worry!

Together we will practice all the necessary skills and you will master them in no time.

  • Static Breath hold of minimum 2 minutes
  • Diving 40m distance in DYN (Dynamic Apnea)
  • Diving 12m deep in CWT (Constant Weight) and FIM (Free Immersion)
  • Demonstration of rescue skills
  • Passing of the final written exam

If you should need more time to practice the skills, you can join our weekly freediving sessions. Everyone learns and progresses in their own 

If you have any questions, have a look at the Frequently asked questions, or send me a message – I love to talk about freediving!

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