Freediving Courses in Ibiza

Learn Freediving in Ibiza – Dive with us in the crystal clear waters of Ibiza

Our freediving courses for all levels, offer a safe and fun way to explore the stunning underwater world of Ibiza, one breath at a time. Experience the profound connection between breath, body, mind and nature.

Discover Freediving in Ibiza

1 Day introduction Course

freediving ibiza

Discover the silent world of freediving in a day – relax, breathe and experience your first freedive in Ibiza!

In just 1 day you will…

  • learn about relaxation, breathing, breath-holding and equalization methods
  • acquire basic safety skills to dive with confidence
  • freedive safely up to 10m under expert guidance in the beatiful waters of Ibiza!

This course offers the ideal opportunity to dip your toes into freediving, promising an unforgettable and distinctive Ibiza experience!

Discover Freediving in 1 day

Beginner Freediving Course

3 Day Course

freediving ibiza

Start your freediving journey with our comprehensive beginner’s course, designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to explore the underwater world with confidence.

In this course you will …

  • master the art of relaxation, breathing and breath-holding 
  • develop proper technique to equalize your ears effectively
  • gain insights into physiology, depth, and pressure 
  • learn about freediving safety and rescue skills
  • dive confidently up to 20 meters!

Upon completion, you’ll earn the worldwide recognized AIDA 2 certification, opening doors to endless underwater adventures.

Join us and dive into the mesmerizing world of freediving!

Join the Beginner Freediving Course

Advanced Freediving Course

4 Days Course

freediving ibiza

Already addicted to the silent world of freediving? Take it to the next level and become an advanced freediver! The Advanced Freediving Course is designed to expand your underwater capabilities.

In this course you will…

  • refine your technique in all freediving discliplines
  • master the art of freefall to dive deeper with unparalleled fluidity and control
  • learn advanced buddying, safety and rescue skills

  • deepen your understanstanding of the bodys adaption to depth and pressure
  • dive up to 30m deep!

With successful completion of the course you’ll be awarded the AIDA 3 certification, a testament of your advanced freediving skills!

Join the Advanced Freediving Course

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Experience the magic of freediving in Ibiza!

Start your freediving journey, or take your skills to the next level with us.
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